Saturday, 23 August 2014

Day 44: showing off my duckbill scissors

Another small batch done. I've realised that although each flower has some error (great or small) the fact that they are all different means that the mistakes will fade away into the mass. Which is good because a couple of them look decidedly odd.

This photo shows the latest batch with my flash new duckbill scissors. I got these when I realised nothing I had was quite up to the job of cutting out embroidered flowers: the dressmaking scissors were too large and the tiny scissors were - you guessed it - too small. I love these. They're sharp and accurate. The limiting factor is the fact that I'm as blind as a bat and can't see well enough to cut close to the embroidered edge of the flowers.

Today my snoop around the 100 day site turned up janine and Flights of Fancy. Janine is doing stylised birds and insects using different media. I love birds - we have chickens and many fat, noisy birds in our neighbourhood (they're fat because they eat the chookfood). Here's some - what? lorikeets? - having a close-up moment.

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