Thursday, 7 August 2014

Day 28: a pattern!

Continuing with the pink organza...when I bought it we noticed a very subtle pattern on it in paler pink and red. The red happened to be almost the same red as the cape fabric so I figured it might add a bit of interest. Shown here is today's flower. You can see the pattern, some of which has been captured within the flower (I've heightened the contrast to make it stand out a bit more). I've also reverted back to the plain-coloured thread as I suspect too many flowers with variegated thread might be a bit much.

And in case anyone thinks like it sounds like I have a clue, I don't. I'm winging it. I think I will need to recruit my rather more talented niece to help with the actual design and arrangement of the flowers.

For the shallow (and not so shallow) fashionistas out there, today's featured artist is Christine with her project Polished. Christine is painting a fingernail a different design every day. They're way cool - I love flashy stuff like this, especially if it's different and clever. Here's a strawberry (who wouldn't want strawberries on their fingernails?) and music. Rock on!

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