Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Day 26: other flowers

I've made my flower but it's still attached to the batch so I can't photograph proof. Thank heavens for that, I hear you cry. But wait! Instead I have some photos of some real flowers of the style that the pattern i am using is based on. It's a basic single layer, 5-petalled rose, as per the top photo. The photo below is of cherry blossoms which look very similar. Which is not surprising since they're all from the same family, which also includes apples, plums and pears.

Below is a photo of a different style of fabric flower. This is more of a Dior-style rose and they are lovely. I'd wear them all the time if I could. Why didn't I make flowers more in this style for the cape? Because 100 of these would weigh the cape down. Even now with only 24 single layer organza flowers the weight is noticeable, and they have to be stitched on with beads yet.

And lastly, I love these. If you're feeling inspired there's a tutorial on how to make them here. Go on - you know you want to. I'm going to. These are very professional but experience suggests it is possible to make quite a few fabric flowers that look like coloured dog poop before that pro look is achieved.

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