Sunday, 10 August 2014

Day 31: a load of old bull

Assembly line production is tedious: the process is tedious and the sameness of the objects made is tedious. So it is with 100 flowers, especially when they're all the same colour.

So I've been thinking about ways to break the monotony. Having worn my Brenda the civil disobedience penguin apron while making a mess in the kitchen I also got thinking about what civil disobedience means in the 21st century. We've come a long way from Beasley Street and now we craft bomb. I don't blame people for being disillusioned, what  with all those punks-turned-property-developers-and-tax-dodgers. And that's before we get to the hippies with their bean sprouts and identity politics.

Anyway, I came across a photo of a craft-bombed Wall Street bull. I'm firmly of the view that those bastards (banksters not craft bombers) have caused more than their fair of misery in the last decade so I have B&W'd a flower, shrunk it and stuck one on each of the bull's horns. Maybe that way the banksters won't be able to gauge everything that moves for its last dollar, although God knows they'll try. It's symbolic but sometimes that's the best you can do.
(PS If you're not familiar with Beasley St, it's well worth a listen.)

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