Friday, 29 August 2014

Day 50: half way and an embroidered cushion cover

Half way! If you've made it this far, you're now on the downhill run.

When you have a broken toe and can't do much, you end up finishing projects. Here's an embroidered cushion cover I started a little while ago. I haven't done hand embroidery since I was a wee nipper. I recall we embroidered hessian wall hangings for our mothers for Mother's Day when I was about 7. Even then I remember thinking my design skills were lacking and my final product was a crude house and a stick man. It pains me to say I haven't advanced from that in the intervening decades. My mother - bless her cotton socks - kept the wall hanging up for years (albeit in a dark corner of the house) before finally removing it when she imagined no one would notice.

Anyway, you'll notice that the flower design here is quite nice. That's because I got it from somewhere else. For the other side of the cushion I've just added some stripes to break the monotony. The whole thing was a bit of an experiment and I'm happy with the way it went, although it would be better if no one examined the stitching too closely.

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