Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Day 40: and...cut!

Tonight was taken up cutting out the cape, lining and iron-on gygli. i was hoping to get the gygli ironed on but ran out of time. The reason tailored jackets and whatnot are expensive is not because they take more time to sew (although they do take a bit more time) but because it takes hours to measure, cut and iron on all the bits. Then again, if you want something chucked together in 10 minutes on an overlocker you can always go to the Warehouse (and yes, I know most of us shop at the Warehouse because we think that's all we can afford).

You'll notice this photo features my gorgeous Finny dressmaking scissors. Thank you, Jacquie. I miss you.

Since we've been inundated over the last couple of days with news featuring repulsive rich white guys, I thought it was time to air the work of someone who appears to value diversity. Matt Wenlock's project is called Friends with a portrait, no matter what. Matt says: 'I'll be looking to portray diversity which compliments the social environment New Zealander's live in. Everyone deserves to be included in today's society, no matter what." We couldn't agree more. You'll also notice Matt also has the distinct advantage of actually being a good photographer.

I've chosen this photo because of all the people in New Zealand who are ignored or discriminated against, disabled people are top of the list. That's our fault, not theirs.

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