Monday, 11 August 2014

Day 32: upbeat finger puppets

Today I've left my flower attached to its strip of material because I'm a bit grumpy. A task that should have taken 20 minutes has just taken over an hour. Long story short: I ran out of bobbin thread then couldn't get the machine rethreaded properly. My old sewing machine is as simple as a stone and is fairly easy to get going. The one I am doing the embroidery on is electronic and rather more fussy. Never mind, it's done.

Instead I've been snooping around other people's projects and here's a couple I like. The first is Upbeat by Andrew. He quotes A. A. Milne: "Piglet noticed that even though he had
a Very Small Heart, it could hold a rather large amount of Gratitude".
Andrew's project is to capture different aspects of his wellbeing. And there's his cat, his Mum and a bunch of other stuff. The photo I have selected is of his Nana. She's beautiful and dignified, and this is a lovely photo. Andrew says she is still intact and kept asking him if he was warm enough when he had dinner with her. They don't make many of 'em like that any more. 

Andrew has set up a Facebook group, The Upbeat Collective, "as a way of inspiring people to relish the joy in 'giving back' and to create positive wellbeing in themselves and those around them." Check them out: 

Shifting gear, Jaymie's project is finger puppets. Jaymie is making a finger puppet every day and when they're all done she's going to send them to the Clown Doctors at Wellington Hospital. We think this is awesome and I'm sure the children will just love them. We particularly like this little guy with his cute smile. Also shown is a rapidly filling shoebox waiting to be shipped to Wellington. Hurrah for the crafty people!

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