Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Day 19: we fade to grey

The flowers are still pink but I discovered how to make colour photos black and white tonight. So I did. Here's the previous two days' efforts liberated from the main piece of fabric and rinsed off, sitting camouflaged on a piece of quilting fabric featuring brightly coloured daffodils.

Today's awesomeness comes from Kirsten. Kirsten is painting a fish per day on "a beautiful piece of Schoellershammer illustration board". According to Kirsten they don't make it any more and she has decided to use it. This is to be commended, and I will show you an example of why below. In the meantime here's some of Kirsten's gorgeous fishies. As you can see they are a lovely mix of the fantastic and just plausible.

We have quite a bit of stuff they don't make any more around our place, too. There comes a time when you realise you might as well just use it because if you shuffle off your mortal coil then all that will happen is one of your facile young relatives will sell it on Trade Me to the next hoarder. So for you fabric-o-holics, here is a piece of wool gabardine I have recently started cutting up. It may be the last piece of fine Italian wool fabric left in the country. It might be possible to buy such fabric in New Zealand these days but I have no idea where. I'll come back to the problem with fabric in another post, but in the meantime here's some genuine gorgeousness.

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