Friday, 11 July 2014

Day 1

Sometime between the rain yesterday and the rain tonight the Tutor managed to get round to our place and show me what to do to make the flowers. It was remarkably simple in theory. It will take a bit of practice to get them looking professional. I'm figuring that by flower #100 they should just about be good.

On this one it is possible to see the tension wasn't quite right but hopefully we can get that better. Plus it's a bit wobbly, in part because the light on the workbench isn't as good as it could be (plus I'm blind as a bat from years working in front of a computer). But mostly because I haven't got my sewing-around-corners technique up to scratch. Still, here it is. An electric blue organza flower.

I've also had a sneak peek at some of the other projects. There are some very talented people hiding out in our communities. I hope they all make it to the end and get a chance to show off their extraordinary work. This is my favourite from today. Mostly because I love bikes, too.

(From Amanda's Bike Hunt: Amanda Earle;

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