Sunday, 27 July 2014

Day 17: starting a new batch

Here's the first of a new batch of flowers: pink ones this time. There will be lots of these so don't worry if it's a bit much the first time round (ha! just kidding). I've also decided that since these photos all get processed through photoshop to make them easier to deal with, I might as well start having a play with the photoshop settings. So far all I can do with photoshop is crop, rotate and auto-contrast. I have a long way to go before I'm as good as those North Korean guys but there's 83 days to play around.

In our household we're suckers for small furry critters. You can sell me anything if it has a picture of a kitten, and I have no idea why I'm not allowed a kuni-kuni pig in the front yard to go with the chooks. So imagine my delight having stumbled upon Crafterzan's project. S/he is crocheting the alphabet starting with little animals. Each is an original design and they are amazing. Here's the iguana.

My crafty friend Rhonda, who is no slug herself in the crochet department, thinks these little critters are rad. Because I can, here's one of Rhonda's #monstabomb (photographed in Wellington, far far from home).

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