Friday, 25 July 2014

Day 15: and then there were 5

A batch of 5 blue flowers, that is. This is the last of the blue so from here on they will be pale pink flowers. Lots and lots of them.


Have you ever had great ideas for what might make Auckland a better, more people-friendly place to live? Ideas like what if roads in the central city were closed to traffic sometimes and people could just hang out and ride bikes with their kids? Or rooftop gardens? You probably have your own ideas - I know I do. So does Stuart. Stuart tweets his ideas and they turn up on the Transport Blog twitter feed. He has 100 ideas and you can find them on his 100 day project. 

Here's Stuart's idea to revitalise Auckland's inner-city neighbourhoods (I warned you we were obsessed with neighbourhoods). Sadly many of these places are under or next to motorways and cut off from other parts of the city. I think Stuart should be the Chief City Planner (maybe he already is, who knows?)

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