Monday, 28 July 2014

Day 18: flowers with grapefruit

Yes yes I know we've done flower with grapefruit before but grapefruit is the only fruit we have apart from some manky old bananas. We have a fully-laden grapefruit tree so they're a cheap prop. Tonight's photo has the exposure adjusted to brighten the grapefruit and flowers and darken the background to a murky, slightly spooky mess.

My sewing machine has started grumbling and breaking the thread. I may have to change the needle again: the needle has possibly gotten bent from constantly changing the direction of the fabric, and since it's only a #11 it's not very robust. Amazingly the bobbin thread has held on for all the flowers so far, and looks like it might do for tomorrow as well.

Because we like them so much, here is another of Crafterzan's crocheted animals. Here, in memory of Ring of Bright Water, is the otter.

On a less frivolous note, Sarah is taking a creative walk through history. Sarah is creating mixed media vignettes of historical figures and events, partly, she says, to improve her history skills. We love the Nixon piece. Initially I thought it was Benjamin Franklin made to look like a spaniel but in fact the sketch is of Checkers, Richard Nixon's dog. Fans of bad television are probably more familiar with Checkers in Futurama (this Nixon, unlike his real-life counterpart, is comedy gold):


Sorry...back to Sarah. Bogans everywhere will love this. It's a Studebaker (acrylic paint and toy car) which, as some of you may recall, was a car no one messed with when you drove it down the Southern motorway. They did about 100 gallons per mile and went the way of the dodo. Still, it almost makes one nostalgic for the days of big cars with leather seats, endless cheap gas, no climate change, and beehive hairdos with capri pants.

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