Saturday, 19 July 2014

A slight change of pace

Today's effort features different coloured thread. I can't recall where I got this thread or why but it's been kicking around for ages (I usually use it to mark darts and pleats). Happily, it also just happens to go with the colours I'm using for my project.

So tonight's flower (and several to follow) will be done using this. Here's a preview (prior to cutting and rinsing the solvy off).

You'll notice the tension problem has vanished. A close look at the thread revealed the blue is #60 and the variegated thread is #40. Pity I didn't realise that before doing 8 flowers with the white bobbin thread showing. Never mind. At least we've learned something.

Today's features project is Catherine's Garden. Catherine, apparently, has the same issues with her garden as I do with mine. I hope Catherine's garden was more hospitable than mine today (and with less rampant oxalis). Here's her garlic and the support crew (always valuable for us gardening types). Good luck with the garlic, Catherine!

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