Monday, 21 July 2014

Day 11: and another (and some cool clay sculptures)

Today's effort. Cunningly photographed to look slightly different ffrom the others. I don't think it's worked terribly well.

Today's shout out goes to ana (✿◠‿◠). Her project is to make 100 clay sculptures from 100 grams of clay (that's 100 gm per sculpture). They are beautiful: simple but expressive. The one pictured here is a wolf. According to ana "The wolf singing his song, waiting for red riding hood to stop meditating."

The howling wolf/coyote is an archetype and can symbolise evil or the positive and spiritual. Given humanity's long and deep association with canids we're going for the positive and spiritual. Although Little Red Riding Hood almost came to a sticky end, the real evil is our treatment of wolves and coyotes. I hope ana's wolf and Red Riding Hood will sing together for many moons to come. 

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