Friday, 5 September 2014

Day 57: super excited!

So here's today's flower and you'll see it's managed to capture the self-pattern of the fabric. I'm not sure what happened to the shape - maybe it's got the bloat, or maybe I need a new marker pen.

Today, on a whim (time to kill, happened to be outside the art shop), I bought a screenprint kit. I did screenprinting years ago but have mostly forgotten how it all works. Winkle the cat has taken it over for the moment but he'll move when it's dinner time.

But even better! Someone (thanks, Tracey!) has given me some flower designs to use as stencils. I can't imagine any of the relearning process will go smoothly but as you 100 day project people know (or are learning) it's persistence that is the key.

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