Sunday, 12 October 2014

Day 94: buttonholes

The day I have been dreading - buttonhole day. I had it all planned, though: I was going to do those funky keyhole buttonholes that I can now do with my fancy embroidery machine. 

Except...that the buttons required a 4cm buttonhole and the maximum size the machine is capable of is 28mm. So onto Plan B: do them on the straight sewer. Except...the buttonhole foot for this machine is even smaller.

So this necessitated a rethink and I ended up doing them on the old machine, without the buttonhole foot to guide the fabric. In a lame attempt to add some zing - any zing would do - I used some Goliath thread as a gimp thread to give the buttonhole a bit of a lift.
So it ended up being a hand-guided buttonhole while trying to work a double layer of heavy fabric and making sure the narrow buttonhole stitch went over the Goliath thread. Plus I have a history of stuffing up buttonholes. What could go wrong? Quite a lot but in this case it didn't. 

Now all that remains is sewing on another 95 flowers and hemming the whole shebang up so no one can see the mistakes!


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