Monday, 27 October 2014

Afterwards - and thanks

Having a well-earned beer after putting together a cape and 100 handmade flowers. The exhibition was amazing - there are some seriously talented people out there and I really hope those of you who participated keep at it (those of you who aren't pros already, that is). I almost felt embarrassed with my offering, which is much more functional than artistic. Indeed, I was surprised by the emphasis on art over functionality and a discussion ensued in our household as to why this is the case. Do people not make stuff any more? Have we divorced art from the functional and left art to elites? I have no idea.

The exhibition and an interview with Emma were on the news (here, at 23.50). The fabulous cape had its 0.5 seconds of fame (early in the item). A HUGE thank you to Emma for organising it all. Now that I see how much goes into it, If I do it again next year I'll offer to volunteer (I can hand out beer and orange juice as well as anyone).

I featured a number of other artists during the duration of the project and it was fabulous to see so many of them in the flesh. The website is good but there's nothing like seeing people's work up close. To everyone who finished, congratulations and maybe we'll see you next year (if there is a next year). And till then, au revoir.

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